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Canelé by Céline

January 2, 2013

Caneles by Celine
Canelé by Céline is an online pastry shop dedicated to offering the best, unique and authentic canelés to New Yorkers.

Céline Legros, originally a business lawyer passionate about cooking, has always baked canelés for friends. In 2006, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten tasted the canelés, found them delicious and asked if she was selling them. A few months later, Céline launched her own business of baking and selling canelés.

French by birth and a New Yorker by heart, Céline reinterprets delicious French recipes with healthy and qualitative ingredients and a unique twist for the culinary capital of the world. Céline’s pastries are sold online and in retail shops.

The canelé is a pastry from the South West of France (Bordeaux). Made of crepe batter, its caramelized crust protects a deliciously moist and tender heart. Only 25 calories a piece! Several flavors are available: vanilla, orange, chocolate, rose water, lemon, lime, grapefruit, rum, pistachio and cinnamon.

The financier is a small French almond teacake, melt in the mouth. This cake is similar to sponge cake, and it usually contains crushed or ground almonds, or almonds flavoring. Financiers are somewhat similar to madeleines. Several flavors are available: plain, chocolate chips, pink praline, almond, pistachio and raspberry.

Canelés and financiers are perfect with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. They are also delicious with a glass of champagne or any cocktail.


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