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Ricard Pastis

May 16, 2013


Ricard pastis owes its reputation to a unique recipe that has remained unchanged since 1932. It stands out especially through the quality and variety of its natural ingredients.

The star anise from China is the main ingredient. The best fruits are selected, sun-dried and distilled on-site for a first time. Right at the source, Ricard’s expert selects the best essential oils of star anise.

Next step on the road to aroma is the Middle East, in search for another natural ingredient: liquorice. Right at the place where liquorice plants are harvested, the most aromatic roots are selected. The liquorice brings its famous yellow color and its round taste to the Ricard pastis.

The road ends in the Provençal “garrigue” where the brand harvests a mix of aromatic herbs of Provence. In Bessan, the aromatic base is elaborated, a subtle blend of all essential oils with water and alcohol.

During its production phases, each bottle of Ricard is going through 50 quality controls, testing ingredients and end product. This expertise guarantees the constant and inimitable quality and taste of Ricard throughout the year.


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