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Bastille 1789 Whisky

May 28, 2013

Bastille is a luxury French whisky handcrafted in the Cognac region. Award-winning master distiller Jean-Marc Daucour is producing this spirit using barley and wheat grown in northeast France, where some of the finest Scotch makers source their malt. Bastille 1789’s innovative distillation process, in alembic pot stills, combines traditional and cutting-edge techniques to express the natural characteristics of malt, water and terroir.

Aged for five to seven years in a combination of French oak, cherry wood and acacia casks, its delicate aromas and smooth profile make it delicious neat, on ice or as the perfect ingredient in cocktails.

As a young man, Jean-Marc Daucourt moved to Scotland to explore the origins of whisky while working at a famous Scotch distillery. He then travelled the world to perfect the art of distilling whisky. Bastille 1789 fulfills his dream of crafting an outstanding whisky with distinct French identity.


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