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Cognac Grosperrin VSOP Petite Champagne

June 28, 2013

Petite Champagne

Grosperrin, one of the last independent Cognac houses, was founded by Jean Grosperrin in 1992. As a broker, Jean had developed an elaborate network of growers, who opened their cellar doors for him, and allowed him to buy some of their most precious stocks. The company philosophy is to maintain individual grower batches, without blending them with others, leaving them in their original barrels or glass demi-johns, producing a wide array of distinctive products from all of the appellations of Cognac. The result is an unparalleled selection, of single vintage, single barrel, and single estate Cognacs, each with a unique personality and history. Today, the family-owned company is exclusively dedicated to the selection, aging, and distribution of rare, aged Cognac dating from 1991 all the way back to World War II, carrying all of the necessary guarantees of quality and authenticity.


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